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reUnite News Letter – London Event

rEUnite event in UK

Anti-Semitism, Anti Gypsyism, xenophobia, homophobia, and other forms of intolerance: drawing the lessons for today”

It is great to share with all of you that the international event of the rEUnite project in London (UK) went successfully. It took place in the RJ4All office from the 5th of July of 2022, in complementation to the event that they realized in January of this year. The event was focused on different ways of intolerance that we have to deal with nowadays. During the event, youngsters from different countries (Greece, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, Great Britain, and Bulgaria) were hosted and participated in all the activities.

The event started with the interactive lecture “Restorative Justice & complex cases, including hate crime” and a discussion about how to apply the Restorative Justice principles to daily life and professional life.

Following this discussion, the professionals of RJ4All introduced the “Local Project Panel: Interactive Restorative Justice Hub” Thus, they also could show how they apply Restorative Justice in different projects and contexts, getting to beat intolerant attitudes.

After the break, a discussion and panel about the importance of community cohesion to get a more tolerant population and avoid hate crimes took place. Also many examples about the community where RJ4All works were shared, introducing gentrification. Later, we had the opportunity to do a guided tour in the neighbourhood, in order to understand better the topic and get to know the area and its history.

As a conclusion, the participants agreed in the importance of the application of the Restorative Justice to promote the cohesion and avoid different social issues related with discrimination and hate crimes.

Follow us on this amazing journey through the European Union and its members and discover our next events and relevant topics that will be debated and deepen on the following months!

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