Orti Dipinti: a special educational garden in Florence

The group has met and new friends are beginning to emerge … but it’s time to get to work. Florence Urban Jungle wants to discover realities that use urban greenery to improve the quality of community life; Not only in terms of health and sustainability, but also social.
We decided to go to know Giacomo who made us discover the garden garden Orti Dipinti.
Orti Dipinti is a reality located in the very center of Florence in Via Borgo Pinti. A green and alive space that through modern horticulture and the experience of educational gardens wants to propose sustainable urban development.
Giacomo accompanies us among aromatic plants, composting and mulch cultivation, showing us all the most important phases for keeping the garden.
For many of the participants, the educational and socially positive use of this space is also new, where gardening and horticultural work engages the neighboring guests of the Barberi Cooperative, which welcomes people with disabilities and some asylum seekers.

After the explanation came the time to putinto practice what we learned! We built a structure for the garden with bamboo and some ties. With a few materials and a bit of fantasy is coming out a structure to use as a base for flowers, vases and climbing plants.© Laura Viluma

© Laura Viluma

Under a beautiful sun we rested in this green corner of the city and with the head full of new ideas we returned to the residence where we started working on our Urban Gardening project to be implemented at the Agricultural Faculty.

Orti Dipinti and Giacomo have shown us what is possible with the right technical knowledge, fantasy and the desire to involve the community.


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