A new lesson from Martinique

Partnership Building Activity – Step by step: Boosting youth employability through learning mobility opportunities

Unemployment, especially between young people, is a structural issue in nowadays-European policies. Each country, region, or municipality has to face with this emergency, holding few tools to find the right solution that is often insufficient and not a lasting one. Percentages of young unemployed who in some countries can reach 50%  of the population under 30, most typically countries as Italy, Greece, Spain and France presents the highest percentage. At the same time overseas European regions such as the French island located in the Caribbean, Martinique- has similar high unemployment rates.

14 European Youth Organizations from the United Kingdom, Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Slovakia, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Spain, Germany, Croatia, Bulgaria, France and Italy were partners of the Partnership Building Activity , “Step by Step: Enhancing Youth Employment through Learning Mobility Opportunities”, an Erasmus + Training Program organized by the D’Antilles et D’Ailleurs Association in southern Martinique from 1 to 8 October.

Aferdite and Elisabetta were presenting ICSE & Co as an Italian copartner NGO, in order to share best practices on youth exchange and work non formal education and activities. During the week, all NGOs were involved in seminars, round tables with local institutions, visits to local associations, dialogue and confrontation with best local policies, as well as different European contexts on youth and employment tools.
One of the goals reached was to plan future collaborations in a pleasant but productive environment, concerning partnerships in Erasmus+ program, during the seminar. And it succeeded!


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