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Tool Kit “How to promote social economy among young people?”

1-1-300x198The Tool Kit “How to promote social economy among young people?” is a result of the project “Social business for inclusion” conducted by Foundation Good Development (Fundacja Dobry Rozwój) in Toruń, Poland, 29th June – 9th July 2017.
The project was financed by Erasmus+ and its main goals were as following:
– to provide practical knowledge of issues relating to social economy and the possibilities of using the mechanisms for the fulfillment of social objectives (including assistance to disadvantaged groups);
– to provide practical tools and knowledge, designed to interest young people in social economy and responsible business as one of solutions to various social problems;
– to provide a platform for exchange of experience and knowledge of best practices in the field of non-formal education regarding social economy;
– to develop the skills and knowledge of the participants in the field of non-formal education related to entrepreneurship and economics;
– to discuss and identify new ideas for activities in the field of social economy;
– to discuss and identify innovative tools and ways to promote these issues among young people in informal education;
– to establish a network of organizations and individuals who are interested in further cooperation in spreading knowledge about social economy among young people as a tool to embody the idea of social equality and helping disadvantaged groups;
– to develop ideas for joint projects and activities in this field in the future.
The Tool Kit is a set of tools and methods to use in working with young people to promote the idea of social economy. It will be especially useful for teachers and trainers working with the youth.
There are plenty of ways to promote social economy among young people, we would like to share with you a few we find very useful and attractive. Feel free to use it and adjust to your needs.

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